Courses designed according to the methodology of international companies for those who want to specialize in marketing and receive a job offer
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A course designed to train Social Media Marketing Specialists to excel in developing marketing strategies, mastering the full range of tools available.

One-month crash course to gain all written and verbal skills needed in business communications

Armenia's only practical course, taught by top professionals with international expertise.

The popular "Global Digital Marketing" course, which has resulted in a number of excellent graduates finding proper jobs, with an upgraded program.

Practical tasks let you absorb the material even better.

  • At the end of the course, the students have their own working portfolio
  • Business problem solving logic is improved
The methodology ensures that even beginners fully grasp the topic by the end of each lesson
Mixed-methodology allows beginners and experienced professionals to learn together, as a result of which beginners master all the nuances of the field, and experienced ones update their knowledge and experience, acquiring internationally applicable skills
Practical Tasks in Each Lesson

From Junior to Professional

Training of Experienced Specialists

Business School of Marketing and Innovations is the first marketing school in Armenia that implements completely new programs adapted for the local market.

They were developed by professors of the best universities in Moscow, specialists of TOP advertising companies, as well as leading specialists of advertising companies in Armenia, based on the best points of foreign educational programs and their work experience.

This means that the educational programs are completely new and created just for this school.

The programs include the most important points and experience of the practical world, organized into comprehensive courses in right in Armenia.

  • International experience adapted to the Armenian market

  • Author materials prepared on the basis of closed information platforms and professors' experience, without theory

  • Individual approach and contact independent of group classes

  • World partners that help us keep the courses updated

  • Guaranteed trial periods for all excellent students

  • Maintaining constant contact with lecturers even after the completion of the courses

The atmosphere of the school where you study is also very important for the student efficiency.

BSMI has two large and one small auditoriums, which provide a warm atmosphere, high motivation and all the possibilities to organize the teaching process with maximum efficiency.
  • This is one of the most anticipated and unforgettable moments, but also THE MOST IMPORTANT. And for experiencing this beautiful moment, I am grateful to BSMI and its founder Anna-Mary, who gave me my inner peace, and changed my originally chosen profession of philologist with marketing that motivates me gives colors to my life.

    There are always people in our lives that come to gift and teach us something. And one of that people is Anna-Mary with her BSMI. There are hidden and unconcealed feelings inside me, which I am trying to reduce and not bore by writing and erasing for the thousandth time. But it is difficult to present a large base of marketing knowledge and quick specialization from zero in 5 months with a few words... I AM A MARKETER, and I have been waiting and dreaming for a long time to say these words.

    BSMI has the best and the most unique education. There are rhythms of development here. And one of the proofs of these rhythms was the job offer I received from Anna-Mary in her agency in the second month of my five-month education. Now I can confidently say that I climbed another step that I set before myself, and the foundation of this step is so strong that it is the engine and stimulus for the long journey to my goal.
    Taguhi Yesayan
    <<Global Marketing in 5 months vol. 4>> Graduate
    Marketing specialist at Trigger
  • My beloved Anna-Mary, I am so happy right now that we came across BSMI while looking for marketing courses and after a long and careful consideration we decided which course we wanted. At first I was afraid this would be another deceit, but after every lesson I realized that the knowledge is really of high quality and most importantly very actual. Lecturers - Level God!! Classes are coherent and clear, and the practice is guaranteed. You also get lots of additional materials and information related to classes. And which is more important, BSMI teaches you work correctly and competently, as every student becomes your "ambassador".

    I am so happy, that thanks to you during the last 5 months I entered this "multi-genre" and interesting world, which until then seemed like a light and superficial profession.

    Having already completed it, I can clearly say that the course fully justifies itself. I am glad that I met people like you and I am happy that instead of enjoying a quiet life abroad, you decided to change something in Armenia. I hope that this will be transferred and inspire, if not all students, then at least most of them to live and create IN our country and FOR our country, no matter how difficult it is.

    Special thanks to all lecturers and BSMI team.
    Nazik Stepanyan
    <<Global Marketing in 5 months vol.4 >> Graduate
    Manager at Yeraz Restaurant
  • First of all I want to express my gratitude to that kind person, who in the last minute cancelled their participation in the Global Marketing course and I got the chance to join the team :) Today, the results are more than my expectations. A school that prioritizes the quality of knowledge, the accessibility of transferring that quality to students, and student comfort, is a perfect role model for the educational system in Armenia. Here, every problem, from educational to technical. has its own clear solution. Acquaintance, quality knowledge and constant contact with the best specialists of the field - this is what every marketer needs. It takes years in Armenia to achieve this. Today, I have all these thanks to BSMI.

    Besides a new profession and a range of human qualities, there is one more important thing I have learnt from the founder of the school - Anna-Mary: when after the war there were constant thoughts about leaving the country, following the example of Anna-Mary, I understood that, both in marketing and in life, running away from the problem is not the solution.

    You need to understand the problem, analyze it and find the solution that brings the best results. Only now I understand that she and some people like her have seen the problem that harms our country so much - the level of education - and have come to contribute to the solution of that problem. Thank you, BSMI team!
    Tatevik Sargsyan
    <<Global Marketing in 5 months vol.4 >> Graduate
    Product development specialist at Renderforest
  • When the result greatly exceeds expectations!
    Half a year was enough to discover a new world, form a new way of thinking, new opportunities, connections with many professional people, fresh, irreplaceable knowledge and all this thanks to the best marketing school - BSMI - an innovative school that meets international standards in the Armenian reality. Now I can confidently say that I am one step closer to my dream. Today I am a little better and more confident than my yesterday self. Most of all I am grateful to you, my dear Anna-Mary! You have gathered the best professors of the field around a great idea, you are doing the kindest work, you are providing quality education with rich materials, great energy and great love. I consider myself a very happy person to know you. You were the person we wanted to be like. We constantly learned from you and worked on ourselves every day. Armenia needs specialists like you! Thank you for adding some colors to my life and for making me a better person! I will miss you a lot! I will miss the positive and healthy atmosphere, the bright and amazing people of the school!
    To the people who have chosen BSMI, I want to say, you have made the best choice of your life!
    Izabella Asmaryan
    <<Global Marketing in 5 months vol.4 >> Graduate
    Teacher of English language



    CEO & Visionary leader,

    Internationally Certified Marketing Specialist


    Lecturer in Big Data & Finances, P.hD in Economics

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